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Design beautiful, responsive websites faster with Ollie, the ultimate WordPress block theme and pattern library for creators.

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Design better, build faster, publish sooner with a growing library of expertly-crafted WordPress patterns and styles. Start creating stunning, responsive websites with Ollie and Ollie Pro today.

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Gone are the days of needing an expensive or bloated page builder to build your WordPress website. With powerful new features like the site editor, patterns, and global styles, WordPress is now the fastest, most powerful, and most accessible page builder on the planet — and it’s still free.

Ollie is a WordPress block theme that integrates seamlessly with the WordPress site editor, unlocking a level of design and customization you never thought possible in WordPress. All the powerful features of a page builder — without one.

Ollie is the start of a new era of WordPress. It’s a new way to design, it’s a new way to build, it’s a new way to publish. Ollie is the future, and you can start building with it today.

Build with Ollie

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Used by over 2,000 WordPress creators with a stellar 5-star rating on WordPress.org. Highly rated, never hated!

Meet the Ollie block theme for WordPress

Ollie Block Theme

Drag and drop your way to a beautiful website with Ollie, the no-code WordPress block theme that enables full site editing and rich block patterns. Get the Ollie block theme

Ollie Pattern Library

Ollie’s pre-designed WordPress patterns will save you a ton of time building your site. Pick a pattern, customize the content and style, and hit Publish. Browse the pattern library

Ollie Pro

Ollie Pro gives you instant access to hundreds more expertly-crafted patterns, templates, and styles via the Ollie cloud pattern library. Learn about Ollie Pro

Unleash the power of WordPress patterns with Ollie

WordPress patterns are pre-designed components that make it easy and fun to create beautiful pages and posts quickly.

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Pattern Scroll 2
Pattern Scroll 3
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Designing with patterns is easy as 1-2-3

Browse patterns

Find the perfect design for your page with our growing library of stunning pattern designs that automagically look great on all devices.

Customize them

Add the pattern to your page and start customizing the content and add your own touch with font and color customizations.

Hit Publish

Because Ollie’s patterns are responsive out-of-the-box, you don’t have to tinker with mobile designs. Hit Publish and voilà — you’re done.

This thing doesn’t just look pretty — it’s built to (out)perform

Stunning designs are just the start. Ollie is also built to perform and scores insanely high scores in performance and SEO.

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Search engines don’t love slow websites. Ollie is blazing fast and loads instantly for your visitors.

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Good SEO is good business. Ollie provides a rock solid foundation for good SEO practices.

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Best Practices

We take care of all the nitty gritty best practices under the hood so you can design + launch quicker.

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The WordPress site editor is one of the most accessible website building platforms on the planet.

Ollie is super lightweight and works seamlessly with the zippy WordPress site editor. No bloated page builder plugins or performance hacks needed to build a turbocharged WordPress website with Ollie.

To make sure you’re site is scoring top marks in search engines, Ollie only loads the critical styles and assets needed for each page. We focus on performance so you can focus on going live.