The world’s most popular website builder just got even better

With WordPress and the Ollie block theme, you can create beautiful, customizable websites with a few clicks, not code.

A new era of WordPress has arrived. Are you ready?

For the past few years, a bold initiative has been underway to modernize WordPress with a powerful content and site editing engine, and now, it’s here.

Instead of building your site with code, you can use the new site editor to build your site with blocks, pattern designs, and a fully-customizable design system. You just need a WordPress block theme to get started.

That’s where Ollie comes in. Ollie is a powerful new WordPress block theme that enables easy-peasy site building within the native WordPress interface, no page builder plugin required.

Best of all, Ollie is super lightweight, performant, and its pixel-perfect, responsive design system ensures your websites look great on all devices. Oh yeah, and it’s totally free! Just look at all the new WordPress features you get out of the box:

Site Editor

Design and launch your entire site with the new WordPress Site editor and a block theme. No coding necessary, unless you want to.

Pattern Designs

Patterns are a collection of pre-designed blocks that you can customize with your own content to quickly design pages.

Global Styles

Easily change the styles of individual blocks or make site-wide style changes to color palettes or typography with global styles.

Template Parts

With template parts, you can easily create, edit, and manage global sections of your site like headers, footers, and sidebars.


Blocks are content elements like paragraphs, buttons, columns, and images that you use to create content and page designs.

Site Export

Once you’ve designed your site with the WordPress site editor, you can easily export it and import it into another site with a few clicks.

Build with Ollie

Design stunning websites with Ollie patterns

Ollie ships with over 50 beautifully-designed and easily-editable WordPress pattern designs for quick page building.

pattern preview
pattern preview

Design with patterns

Patterns are a collection of pre-designed blocks that you can customize with your own content to quickly design pages. Ollie ships with 50+ pixel-perfect patterns and several full page layouts.

Scales to all devices

Ollie’s patterns are thoughtfully designed with a fluid design system, meaning your website’s typography and spacing will automatically scale down gracefully to fit your visitor’s device.

Keep it 100 with Ollie

This thing isn’t just easy on the eyes. It’s also blazing fast and built to modern web standards.


Search engines don’t love slow websites. Ollie is blazing fast and loads instantly for your visitors.


Good SEO is good business. Ollie provides a rock solid foundation for good SEO hierarchy.

Best Practices

We take care of all the nitty gritty best practices under the hood so you can design + launch quicker.


Websites should be accessible to everyone. Ollie is built with strong accessibility standards for all.

No caching? No problem.

A fast WordPress website shouldn’t require a handful of caching and performance plugins. Ollie is super lightweight and works seamlessly with the zippy WordPress page builder.

Smart asset loading

Instead of loading bulky scripts and styles on each page load, Ollie only loads the critical assets needed for each page. We focus on performance so you can focus on going live.

Start building your next website today, for free

There are a few ways to get started with Ollie. Download a good ol’ fashioned zip or explore the theme on Github.

Download Ollie from (soon)

Soon, you’ll be able to download a free copy of the Ollie block theme from the repo. Until then, download a zip below.

Explore Ollie’s code and download on Github

Want to learn a little about block themes? Look through the Ollie source code and contribute feedback or bug fixes on Github.

Download a blueprint for local development

If you use LocalWP, you can download and import an exact copy of the Ollie demo to get started with just a few clicks. See docs for help.

Ollie Cloud

Launch an instant WordPress website without all the annoying set up steps. We’ll deliver brand new blocks, patterns, and pro features directly to your website.