Ollie Pro

Ollie Pro is a premium plugin that adds even more WordPress patterns to your site via a cloud pattern library with an intuitive interface. That means you can build more websites even faster by mixing and matching hundreds of patterns and layouts.

This doc will teach you everything you need to know about Ollie Pro and your Ollie Pro account.

Getting Started

To purchase Ollie Pro, visit the Ollie Pro landing page and choose which pricing option works best for you. After your purchase, an account will be created for you and your login details will be emailed to you.

After you’ve set your password, you can sign in to your account area to download Ollie Pro, manage your account, and access your bonus resources like Figma files and Slack access.

Your Ollie Pro account area

Your Ollie Pro account area is where you manage the details of your account, your site activations, and access Ollie Pro downloads and bonus resources.

  • Account Details – This card shows you all the relevant details about your account, with links to manage your billing and payments. The billing and payments link will take you to a customer portal powered by Lemon Squeezy. Here, you can update payment info, change your subscription, and update contact info.
  • Activations – Ollie Pro can be used on as many sites as your pricing plan allows. Currently we have plans for 1 site and 10 sites. Whenever you log into Ollie Pro on one of your sites, it is registered as an activation. Your activations are listed here, and can be deactivated from this card as well.

    Note: When you deactivate your site, it does not remove patterns from your content, it just makes the pattern browser unavailable.
  • My Downloads – This card gives you quick download links for the Ollie block theme and the Ollie Pro plugin that you can upload to your site.
  • Bonus Resources – If you signed up for Ollie Pro Multi Site, you also get access to the Ollie Pro Figma files and access to the Slack channel. Quick links to both of these can be found on this card.

Download and Install

To get started with Ollie Pro, download the latest Ollie Pro zip from the My Downloads box in your Ollie Pro account area.

Next, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and upload and activate the plugin. Go to Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin to upload the Ollie Pro plugin and activate it.

Upon activation, you’ll be shown a pop-up to lead you to the Ollie Pro Dashboard.

Ollie Pro Dashboard

Ollie Pro Dashboard

Whenever you set up a new WordPress site, there’s always a dozen different tasks that you have to complete while jumping around the WordPress admin. Creating pages, designing layouts, setting up your brand assets, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Well, you don’t have to do that anymore! The Ollie theme Setup wizard is a one-of-a-kind onboarding experience that automates all of those pesky tasks and handles them in one streamlined experience.

The setup wizard will help you change common settings, set up your logo and brand colors, and automatically create pixel-perfect pages for you with just a few clicks. The setup wizard isn’t just for new sites. You can use the wizard to quickly generate pages on existing sites as well.

From your WordPress dashboard, you can find the Ollie setup wizard by going to Appearance → Ollie or by following the pop-up upon theme activation.

Welcome Page

The Welcome page is a quick start guide with helpful links to activate Ollie Pro, set up a new site with the Setup Wizard, access to docs, and video tutorials.

Theme Setup

Ollie Pro Setup Wizard

The goal of the Ollie Setup Wizard is to help WordPress users zoom through a new site setup with the Ollie theme and abstract away those annoying and disconnected setup steps we have to do for every site.

Using a blazing-fast React interface, we can cut down the time it takes to set up a site to just a few minutes. Instead of jumping around the admin, creating pages manually, applying designs with patterns, and then assigning those pages in the WordPress settings, we can just do that for you in a few steps. 😍

The Site Wizard is entirely optional, just like the settings within each step. For example, if you’re not ready to set up your logo, you can just skip it and set it up later in your header instead.

  • Your Brand – This step lets you easily set up your sites branding such as your color palette, your specific brand color, your logo, and site icon. If you don’t have a site icon, we’ve added a fun emoji picker you can use instead.
  • Create Pages – This step helps you create basic pages like homepage and blog, and will automatically apply the related pattern to the page for you.
  • Homepage – One of the first steps you do on each new WordPress site is determine whether your homepage is going to be a blog or a static page with a homepage design. This step helps you quickly select a blog or static page and shows you a preview of it.
  • Finish – After all steps are complete, the Setup Wizard will show you several handy links to take your next steps such as viewing your site, viewing docs, creating a child theme, and more.

Ollie Pro Account Page

The Ollie Pro account page is where you can sign in to your Ollie Pro account, which unlocks pro features like the Ollie Pro pattern library. You will use the email you purchased with and the password you set up after your purchase.

Once signed in, you can also use this screen to deactivate the site from your Ollie Pro account.

Video Library

The Video Library page gives you quick access to our growing library of Ollie and WordPress video tutorials. We’ve highlighted the most helpful getting started videos on this page, but you can view more on our video library and on our YouTube page.

Ollie Docs

The Docs page gives you quick access to helpful Ollie and Ollie Pro docs from our website. Our docs are always growing and improving with new content and videos, so be sure to visit our docs before opening a support ticket.

Ollie Pattern Library

The flagship feature of Ollie Pro is our growing collection of expertly-crafted WordPress patterns. WordPress patterns are pre-designed components that make it easy and fun to create beautiful pages and posts quickly. Patterns can be as small as a call-to-action box, or as big as a full page layout.

With Ollie Pro, you get instant access to the latest patterns and new collections with our continuously updated cloud library. We’ve built a powerful and intuitive pattern browser that you can use on any post or page to preview, download, copy, and favorite patterns.

Using the Ollie Pattern Library block

To start browsing patterns and designing your site with Ollie Pro patterns, add the Ollie Pattern Library block to your post or page. You can do that by using the block inserter and searching for “ollie” or by typing /ollie on any blank line and hitting enter.

Ollie Pro Beta Block

Once the block is added to the page, you’ll have a button to launch the library, or an instant search box where you can quickly search and insert patterns.

Working with the Ollie Pattern Library

The Ollie Pattern Library is designed to look very similarly to the default WordPress pattern browser to give you a familiar experience. But we’ve also added a lot of power features that will help you build faster.

Collections and Categories

On the left side of the library, you’ll find links to browse patterns by categories or by collections. Collections are sets of patterns that are all designed with the same style — colors, typography, spacing, etc. Collections come with full page layouts as well as individual patterns that make up the layouts.

Browsing by category will show you categorized patterns from all the Ollie Pro collections. For example, clicking Hero will show you all of the hero designs from all the available collections.

Pattern Grid

On the right side of the library, you’ll find the grid of patterns. You can click on any pattern to see a full preview of the pattern.

Along the top of the pattern grid, you’ll find a toolbar where you can modify the grid view. Using the Sort and Filter menus, you can modify the pattern view according to find what you’re looking for easier.

Using the Grid View menu, you can change the grid view to show two, three, or four columns. This is helpful when you want to see patterns nice and big, or when you want to see a lot at once for easier browsing.

Pattern Grid Actions

Each pattern on the grid also has an action menu where you can view pattern details, insert the pattern into the current page, download the pattern to your theme, and add a pattern to favorites.

Pattern Details

Ollie Pattern Single

Clicking on any pattern will bring you to a pattern details view. Here, you can see a live preview of the pattern, along with a responsive view mode where you can see the pattern on different device sizes.

In the pattern details sidebar, you’ll find a description of the patter, several powerful pattern actions, and links to the categories the pattern is found in. Here is a quick breakdown of the powerful pattern actions we’ve included.

  • Download Pattern – Download a copy of the pattern to your theme and add it to the /patterns folder. This also adds the pattern to your WordPress pattern library under My patterns, where you can modify, duplicate, and customize the pattern.
  • Insert Into Page – Quickly add the pattern to the current page where you added the Ollie Pattern Library block
  • Pattern Details – See a detailed view of the pattern and access more pattern options
  • Copy Pattern Blocks – Copy the pattern markup to your clipboard so you can paste it in any WordPress post or page.
  • Add/Remove from Favorites – Favorite a pattern so you can quickly access it later. Your favorites are available to any site you have Ollie Pro installed on.