Unlock the Future of WordPress Design with Ollie Pro

Ollie and Ollie Pro supercharge your WordPress site-building experience with a powerful block theme and a growing collection of expertly-crafted WordPress patterns and pattern browser.

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Hey folks, Mike and Patrick here from Ollie, and today we are thrilled to introduce you to the highly anticipated Ollie Pro plugin, which builds on the success and popularity of our Ollie block theme.

Ollie Pro takes site building to the next level with a growing library of expertly-designed WordPress patterns, all browsable in our familiar, but uniquely powerful, pattern browser.

Before we get into Ollie Pro, let’s briefly talk about why we chose our path to Ollie Pro and the vision we have for where WordPress is heading.

The value of block themes

The huge value that block themes like Ollie bring is that they provide a no-code or low-code way of building beautiful, responsive websites directly inside WordPress without requiring a bulky or expensive page builder.

Our Ollie theme has been particularly applauded by users for its stunning pre-designed patterns that simplify the page-building process. We invested a lot of time ensuring they looked great on all devices and delivered results for users.

Ollie Free Hero Download

Block themes also allow you to experiment and tweak designs in real time, giving you the freedom to see instant changes without the hassle of going back and forth between code.

Imagine being able to play around with different layouts, colors, and styles until you find the perfect combination that represents your brand. It’s like having a creative playground right at your fingertips!

The value of patterns

WordPress Patterns

WordPress patterns have revolutionized how we build and customize websites by providing pre-designed layouts that can be easily inserted and adapted. These patterns, especially those found in Ollie, are a game-changer for anyone looking to speed up their design process without sacrificing quality.

Ollie Patterns Wide

With a library of beautifully-crafted pattern components, users can quickly create professional-looking pages that are cohesive and visually appealing. The real beauty of these patterns lies in their flexibility—you can mix and match them, adjust the content, and customize the style to fit your unique vision.

It’s like having a toolbox of design elements that empower you to build stunning websites effortlessly, ensuring every page looks just as good as the last.

Introducing Ollie Pro

When you combine the power of block themes and patterns, you get an incredibly versatile toolkit for building dynamic, visually stunning websites with ease. The seamless integration of these features means you can create complex, professional designs in WordPress without touching a single line of code (unless you want to).

And with Ollie Pro, we’re taking the block theme experience to the next level.

The Ollie Pro pattern library

Pattern Library

Ollie Pro’s flagship feature is the Ollie Pro pattern library — a vast and growing collection of expertly-crafted WordPress patterns designed to help you design better, build faster, and publish sooner.

To deliver these patterns to your WordPress site, we’ve created a familiar, intuitive, and incredibly powerful interface — ensuring that you feel right at home the moment you start using it.

You can see the pattern library in action and and explore all of the beautiful patterns by visiting the Ollie Pro landing page.

Quick browsing

Categories and Collections

Olle Pro’s many patterns are organized into categories and “collections,” or sets of patterns that are all designed with the same style, colors, typography, spacing, etc. You can think of collections almost like themes, except they are all powered by style variations provided by the free Ollie block theme.

While each collection has its own distinct style, you can also mix and match patterns from different collections, giving you thousands of page layout possibilities at your fingertips.

Each collection comes with several full page layouts as well as all of the individual patterns that make up each layout, letting you to remix designs endlessly. Preview each collection’s demo by clicking on the collection images above.

Search, filter, and sort, edit

Pattern Browser Toolbar

The Ollie Pro pattern browser allows you to search, filter, and sort through patterns to find what you’re looking for quickly. Use the Grid View button to change from a 2, 3, or 4 column layout for more fine-tuned browsing.

Bulk edit options make it easy to work with multiple patterns at once, enhancing efficiency and reducing design time. Select multiple patterns to insert into the page at once, download patterns to your theme, or add them to favorites.

Add to your favorites

Add to Favorites

Reusing the same pattern or want to start building a collection of your favorites? We’ve added a favorites feature that let’s you quickly save and access your most-loved patterns, ensuring they’re always at your fingertips when you need them.

What’s really cool is, your favorites are saved to your Ollie Pro account, which means your favorites are available on every site you have Ollie Pro activated on. So no matter where you’re designing or building, your favorites are only a few clicks away.

Pattern details and actions

Live Pattern Previews

Each pattern’s details page provides a live preview of the pattern, allowing you to see exactly how it looks in various devices like desktop, tablet, and mobile. From here, you can download, insert, copy, or favorite patterns, making your workflow smooth and intuitive.

You can also keep browsing by clicking the pattern’s collection link, which will take you to all patterns from that collection, or click the related categories to see more patterns like current one.

Style Variations

Style and Section Variations

With Ollie Pro, changing the entire look and feel of your site is a breeze, thanks to the versatile style variations. Each variation offers a unique aesthetic, allowing you to transform your site’s typography, color, spacing, and more with just a few clicks.

Customize your design even further with section styles, which let you quickly swap out the color palette of individual patterns and page elements. This means that each pattern comes with multiple color options such as light mode, dark mode, colorful, and more.

The Ollie Pro Dashboard

Ollie Pro Dashboard

Whenever you set up a new WordPress site, there’s always a dozen different tasks that you have to complete while jumping around the WordPress admin — creating pages, designing layouts, setting up your brand assets, setting your homepage — that’s a lot of context switching.

We think WordPress onboarding is long overdue, so we’ve created a solution for it. The Ollie Pro Dashboard is a one-of-a-kind onboarding experience that automates all of those pesky tasks and handles them in one streamlined experience.

The setup wizard will help you change common settings, set up your logo and brand colors, and automatically create pixel-perfect pages for you with just a few clicks.

On top of that, the dashboard also has quick access to the Ollie video library and Ollie docs so you can get up and running quickly.

Going all in on WordPress core

There’s an important feature of Ollie Pro that may not be obvious here, but should be pointed out. All of this is built upon the powerful new WordPress site editor and all of the features it provides us today.

Ollie Pro isn’t some kind of new page builder. It’s not a variation or iteration of the WordPress experience. It’s not built with brittle, bloated, or proprietary code. It’s not made with custom blocks that lock you into a paid ecosystem.

Ollie Pro WordPress2

Instead, we’ve invested directly with the WordPress core experience, from the UI components that make up our library, to the core blocks that make up all of the patterns.

This allows Ollie to exist as an unobtrusive, yet powerful, layer in the core WordPress experience that feels like it belongs and not like it’s bolted on as an afterthought.

We believe the WordPress site editor, block themes, and patterns are the future of web publishing, so we will continue investing our time, resources, and contributions there.

Get Ollie Pro today!

We’re super excited about Ollie Pro and being one of the leaders in this new WordPress product space, and we hope you’ll try out this new site building experience.

But we’re also excited about what Ollie Pro represents for the future of WordPress site building. The future of WordPress is bright and the possibilities are only just beginning to show. The most popular website building platform on the planet just keeps getting better, and we’re here to leave our mark on it.

13 responses to “Unlock the Future of WordPress Design with Ollie Pro”

  1. Wilbert Schaapman Avatar

    It’s an interesting product, but I don’t understand the pricing plans at all. For me, it becomes unaffordable if there’s no unlimited website option.

    1. Mike McAlister Avatar

      Hey Wilbert, thanks for that comment. We started with a 1 and 10 site option at launch to explore how people use the plugin. We can certainly offer an unlimited option, nothing in our setup prevents us from doing that.

      This is a unique product for WordPress because it’s half distributable product, half SaaS with a cloud element. So we’re entirely open to feedback like this about the model.

  2. Murat Tekmen Avatar

    I’ve been waiting for a long time, and the announced features are amazing. I’m excited to experience it. Well done. 🙏

    1. Mike McAlister Avatar

      Thanks for following along, Murat! We’re excited for this new era and what we can do with Ollie and Ollie Pro. Thanks for your support!

  3. Daniel Kolks Avatar

    Hey Mike,
    congratulations on the launch of your Pro plugin. I think what you’re doing is great and I love the aesthetics in your designs and the approach of seamlessly integrating with WordPress.

    Like Wilbert, I would like to see an option for freelancers and agencies. That would be great. I was also hoping for a lifetime deal at the start 😉 But what’s more important to me is that you can create a great product in the long term and that I can use it for myself and my clients in the future with a clear conscience. Thank you for your explanation of the different elements.

    I would also be interested to know what you have planned for Ollie Pro in the near future. Maybe you can already spoil something 😉

    Good luck and thank you for everything you do.

    1. Mike McAlister Avatar

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your feedback. We’re definitely looking at pricing for freelancers and agencies. Luckily, our system is already set up for that kind of scale, we just have to see how the pricing shakes out after some more feedback comes in.

      I’m happy to share more about where Ollie is going! In the short term, we’re going to keep dialing in the pattern library and the overall experience for building with block themes and patterns. A lot of people still don’t know a lot of tips and tricks for working with this stuff, so we’ve got some really helpful video tutorials lined up.

      Obviously we’ll be doing more pattern collections as well. We’re curious to see what people are looking for so we can create it. Are people looking for more professional-style patterns, portfolios, etc. Let us know!

      We’ve also got a few pro blocks in the works. We’re not interested in just reinventing core blocks or simple blocks. We want to build intuitive interfaces around hard-to-solve problems in WordPress site building. That could be a better navigation solution, or solutions to publishing like auto-generated social media images, etc.

      Finally, we want to help folks figure out the best workflow for building with block themes, and that could mean creating some tooling specific to Ollie to help with that. For example, with a base theme like Ollie and a pattern library, there’s a LOT we can do to help users generate their own unique themes or child themes using the various pattern collections, styles, etc.

      But really, we’ll be listening a lot over the next few months. Both Patrick and myself are dedicated to this product long term. We know it’s still early for full site editing and what will be possible in WordPress in the coming years. We want to be along for that ride and build beautiful and intuitive products along the way. So we’ll be watching and listening to what people need and filling in the gaps the best we can.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Daniel Kolks Avatar

        Thank you for the detailed answer. That sounds great. The direction you want to go in is exactly what I’m looking for. I also think it’s still relatively early days with block themes and patterns, but I’m starting to realize that more and more people are interested. If you manage to improve the workflow and provide additional useful features, then that will certainly help with the adoption of block themes. I think the potential for the next few years is very, very big. As soon as I get more involved with Ollie (Pro), I’ll be happy to share my thoughts and feature requests 😉

    2. Mike McAlister Avatar

      Hey Daniel,

      Just wanted to give you a heads up that we’ve just adjusted our pricing plans. We now have an Agency plan with 500 sites for $249. We also have the option to scale beyond 500 sites for those who need it.

      You can check it out here: https://olliewp.com/pro/#purchase

      Hope that helps get you closer to building with Ollie!

  4. J Gil Avatar

    Congratulations. Ollie Pro is very promising
    Please consider “Parity Purchasing Power” to help us adopt Ollie Pro.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Mike McAlister Avatar

      Thanks for that feedback! I’m familiar with the model. It can be hard to implement, but if there is a desire for it, we’ll certainly look at integrating it.

      We want Ollie and Ollie Pro to be accessible to as many folks as possible. However, with a growing collection of patterns in the free theme, we’re happy folks can use that free of charge forever.

  5. Matthew J Avatar

    Hi Mike,
    I just need the single site for a blog and a store. Is there a Woocommerce category of patterns or can I use any available patterns that are suitably compatible? I want to refactor my Generatepress site and my thinking is that although this is more work,once I have it done it will be easier, faster, and more enjoyable to tweak my site as time goes on to keep it fresh. Or does Woo throw up additional requirements/issues.
    Looks great, Go Ollie!

    1. Mike McAlister Avatar

      Hey Matthew, we don’t have a category for WooCommerce yet. It would require that we spent a lot of time testing and providing styles and patterns that work specifically with product grids, product pages, etc.

      However, there’s nothing that prevents someone from using the existing Ollie patterns in their WooCommerce shop. The beautiful part about patterns is they are native to WordPress, so they can be used basically anywhere in the modern editor. However, they do get their styles from the theme, so you’d need to use the free Ollie theme.

      Woo may be a place we invest in later on, but we want to make sure our base offering is humming along before diving into integrations. Thanks for your vote of confidence in Ollie!

      1. Matthew J Avatar

        Thanks Mike, very interesting, and I completely understand your reasoning there around Woocommerce as it is quite specific.
        As I was setting up Woo recently it asked me if I wanted to go for a block theme and that’s how block themes came to my awareness, and so the deep digging began. If I can use Ollie and it works with Woocommerce whether or not there is a defined category for my store yet, wouldn’t matter. When you say ‘the existing Ollie patterns’ are you referring to the patterns in Ollie free, as distinct from Ollie pro, and why is this, as I was hoping to have Ollie Pro and access to all features, including support etc. Are you basically saying Ollie free is more compatible with Woocommerce than Ollie Pro at the moment?
        Also, can patterns not be used so for example would the store just find it’s way into a giant container, or wouldn’t you recommend this.

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