Learn how to design in the WordPress editor

In this first installment of my Build With Ollie tutorial series, we’ll create beautiful, responsive page section with native WordPress blocks and settings.

Pattern, Abstract, Modern, Curves, Shapes, Solid, Composition, Minimal, Dots, Grid, Colorful

WordPress has all kinds of powerful new design tools to help you build expressive websites faster. Best of all, with the right WordPress block theme, you can do it all within the WordPress editor.

In this first installment of my Build With Ollie tutorial series, I’ll show you how I designed a pattern from the Ollie block theme. In doing so, we’ll learn about blocks like groups, columns, buttons and more. We’ll also learn how to use the native WordPress design settings like margins, paddings, and block spacing to create a beautiful, responsive page section.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using the Ollie block theme. You can learn more about the theme and download it by visiting the Ollie homepage. You can also explore the code and contribute via Github.

3 responses to “Learn how to design in the WordPress editor”

  1. Dipak Avatar

    Nice video! Thanks for this.

  2. Kevin Avatar


    When are you looking to add more videos into your Ollie tutorial series. Now that the editor is truly here it would be nice to see a few videos on its full use.


    1. Mike McAlister Avatar

      Hey Kevin! I have a tutorial series publishing over the next week! A few of the videos are already live here. Subscribe to the channel to get notified when the next videos get published in the coming weeks.

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