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Learn how to design beautiful, blazing-fast websites with the WordPress block editor using the site editor, patterns, global styles, and more.

  • Three beautiful font pairs to bring your design to life

    We are truly in a renaissance of web design and development resources right now. We’ve got abundant content, design and dev tools, pre-made assets like templatesTemplates Templates are designs for pages and can include one or more template parts., icons, and fonts, and dozens of platforms to bring it all together (thanks, WordPress!).

    Typography for the web is also at its height. We’ve seen some incredible gains in typography, in both availability of new fonts and performance improvements. With full-site editingFull-site editing Full-site editing is the cohesive experience that allows you to directly edit and navigate between various templates, template parts, styling options, and more on your website., WordPress is also making it a lot easier to work with typography.

    However, with all the new fonts flooding the ecosystem, it can be hard to find the gems. No worries! Starting today, I’ll be publishing a regular series of font recommendations to help you jazz up your WordPress (and non-WordPress) websites.

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