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  • Adding pattern to page (what if the style doesn’t match, change style variation) The unique style for each Ollie Pro pattern collection is powered by a style variation in the Ollie theme.

WordPress patterns are predefined layouts of blocks that can be easily inserted into pages and posts. Blocks are the fundamental units of content in the WordPress block editor (Gutenberg), and patterns are collections of these blocks arranged in a specific layout or design.

These patterns can include combinations of text, images, buttons, columns, and other blocks, designed to create visually appealing and functional sections on a website. Patterns can be as small as a line of text, or as big as a full page design like you find in Ollie Pro.

WordPress patterns offer a powerful way to streamline the content creation process, maintain design consistency, and enhance the overall quality of a website. By leveraging these pre-built layouts, users can save time, ensure professional design standards, and focus more on their content and messaging.