Ollie Support

If you need assistance with the Ollie, there are a couple of ways to get help depending on whether you are using the free block theme or Ollie Pro.

Before submitting a request, we ask that you review the support guidelines.

Support guidelines:

  • Read the docs and watch the videos. We spend a lot of time creating docs and video content so you can learn Ollie and new WordPress features. Check out our resources before opening a ticket.
  • Be nice. We understand that having issues on your website can be frustrating. But software, and the people who make it, are imperfect. Let’s figure out your issue together and just be chill about it, ok?
  • Provide as many details as you can. Describe the issue, the circumstances that produce the issue, and any other relevant info that can help us answer you quickly. The more info you can provide, the quicker we can help.

What we can help with:

  • Answering questions or fixing bugs related to Ollie and Ollie Pro.
  • Answering questions about the Ollie Pro pattern library
  • Answering questions about WordPress patterns, the site editor, block editor, and global styles.
  • Answering questions about your account or subscription

What we can’t help with:

  • Supporting or troubleshooting all third-party plugins (WooCommerce, Elementor, etc.) or resolving issues caused by them.
  • Custom code modifications like custom PHP, JavaScript, CSS, or other code added to the theme or plugin.
  • Issues related to web hosting services, server settings, and configurations not directly related to our product.

Support for Ollie block theme users

If you are using the free version of the Ollie block theme, you can get help through the WordPress.org forums. Here’s how you can access support:

  • Visit the WordPress.org Forums:
    • Navigate to Ollie’s WordPress.org forums.
    • Sign into your WordPress.org account or create one if you don’t have one.
  • Post Your Question:
    • Create a new topic related to the Ollie block theme.
    • Provide as much detail as possible about your issue to receive more accurate and helpful responses from the Ollie team or the community.

For Ollie Pro users

If you are using Ollie Pro, you have access to priority support through your Ollie Pro account. Here’s how to open a priority support ticket:

  • Log into Your Ollie Pro Account:
    • Go to the Sign In page and enter your credentials (the email you purchased with and the password you created).
    • Once signed in, navigate to the support section of your Ollie Pro account dashboard towards the bottom of the page.
  • Open a Priority Support Ticket:
    • Fill out the support form with the necessary details about your issue.
    • Submit the ticket and a member of the Ollie support team will respond to your inquiry via email as soon as possible.

Submit a bug report on Github

If you’ve spotted a bug in the Ollie block theme, you can submit an issue to the Ollie GitHub repo where we can track and fix the issue for you.