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WordPress block patterns are a collection of predefined blocks that you can insert into pages and posts and then customize with your own content.

  • Patterns are gonna be a game changer for WordPress

    The past few years have produced a wealth of new technology and features for the world’s most popular CMSCMS Content management software (CMS) is used for managing digital content, such as posts and pages, on websites.. It all started with WordPress 5.0, released in December 2018. This release included the much-anticipated block editorBlock editor The WordPress block editor is editing interface where you create content and layouts with blocks (paragraphs, images, columns, etc.)., a way of building content visually with block-based elements (paragraphs, images, buttons, columns, etc.).

    Although this was a huge paradigm shift, and required quite a bit of getting used to, this change was widely praised as a necessary evolution of content creation in WordPress. This addition was a huge leap forward for WordPress, modernizing the software and helping it compete with flashier, faster-evolving website alternatives.

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